Born in 1989, Anita Moskát studied biology and worked as a fiction editor in Hungary. She has three published novels: Bábel fiai (Sons of Babel, 2014), Horgonyhely (Anchorsite, 2015) and Irha és bőr (Skin and Hide, 2019) that has won the prestigious Péter Zsoldos Award as the best speculative fiction novel. Her latest publication is the short story collection, A hazugság tézisei (The Theses of Lies, 2022), containing the novella Szerződési szabadság (Freedom of Contract) that was nominated for and the short story Fekete monitor (Black Monitor) that won the Péter Zsoldos Award in 2023. Her short stories have been published by various literary and genre magazines.

Foreign Sales:
Anchorsite – Czech Republic, Host Publishing

Interview in English I like making impossibilities realistic

The Theses of Lies (2022) – short story collection

Péter Zsoldos Award for Best Short Story in 2022

Imagine a world where lies are building blocks in a city and architects master liars, or another, where the laws of physics can be negotiated by lawyers.

“Magic in the stories of Moskát is a power that can almost be described in the language of science, and its main function is to subvert familiar situations and show them in a fresh, unexpected and thought inspiring light.”

— Könyves magazin

Excerpt from Freedomof Contract (Szerződési szabadság) – novella, The Theses of Lies, 2022

Translator: Austin Wagner

Face to Face (Négyszemközt) – short story, The Theses of Lies, 2022

Translator: Austin Wagner

* * *

Skin and Hide (2019) – novel

Péter Zsoldos Award for Best Novel in 2020

Imagine our modern world where animals begin to change and turn into half-beast, half-human creatures, demanding rights and citizenship.

 “The masterful characters, the sudden plot twists, the power games, the religious and mythological overtones, the often symbolic meaning of the animal pupae, the cruel fables told about the helplessness of the breeds and the strong, cathartic scenes all guarantee that Irha és bőr will become a reference point and the subject of conversation for a long time.”

— Péter Laki, Könyves magazin


Excerpts in English

Translator: Austin Wagner

Excerpt 1, Excerpt 2

Excerpts in Spanish

Translator: Eszter Orbán

Excerpt 1, Excerpt 2

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Anchorsite (2015) – novel

Imagine a world where everyone has to live where they are born, and only pregnant women are able to travel.

Foreign Sales:

Czech Republic, Host Publishing


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Sons of Babel (2014) – novel


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